Style is the expression of individuality, which is reflected in the way you feel, think, dress, talk, and act.

With the new millennium, men’s fashion compiles trends from the last century, a retrospective turn with all freedom, returns to tailoring, inspired by V tailoring suits, but also installs the flap lap.

It begins to grow an alternative masculine fashion, where the attitude is the important thing. The “street style” seeks an identity and personality of its own, where individual trends and styles become more risky and fun.

The minimalism of the 90’s dies and the glamour of past ages returns with heterogeneous and eclectic details, that is, contrasting and combining with balance and originality, different styles and trends, textures, prices, qualities, accessories, and colors.

Although mass fashion is firmly in place to stay, due to the great expansion of the major fashion distribution chains (Zara, H & M, Cortefiel, etc.) and which inexorably derives from a certain homogeneity and uniformity of fashion, man becomes more demanding, worries about its image and looks for a unique style that goes beyond fashion.

In recent years, the hipster phenomenon has emerged, a twist of the nut to metro sexuality, with a look very easy to identify: alternative men, who grow their beards, short hair at the temples and long at the top, tattoos.

Very narrow trousers, the absence of socks (even in winter), glasses of pasta and t-shirts.

In short, a very marked look that has the days counted and will soon pass.

Men who use time and money in fashion, formerly seen as vain or effeminate, are now considered attractive and elegant men.

The fit and proportions of the suit are of vital importance of the 21st century.

Not everything is worth, and less for a matter of price: elegance has little to do with success or money.

The combination of British taste and Italian transgression can be a great starting point.

The accessories and small details are some of the essential accessories that cannot miss completing the look of a gentleman and always establish a distinctive style.

The waistcoat, pocket handkerchief, gloves in the chesterfield pocket, a simple knot in the tie, straps instead of a belt, monks, a good watch, a double-cuffed shirt and cufflinks, flashy foulards.