Hair dryer is one of the most popular as well as useful style appliance for modern women.
Though hair dryers have not been invented many years, thousands of people are using it daily purpose. Many people are accustomed to the daily routine of washing, drying and styling their hair. Even though hair will hereafter dry off its own if opened up but most people go for a hair dryer save their time and speed up the process. It really hard the use of a towel after you have taken that all important shower and get your hair dry when you are in a hurry to get to work or school in the morning.

The most famous categories of hair dryers in use today are ionic, tourmaline, and ceramic . Ionic hair dryer neutralizes positive charges in hair because they generate negative ions . This process reduces frizz and static electricity that is why these dryers are so popular. Tourmaline hair dryers are made from tourmaline which is a precious stone. The stone actually generates a lot of negative ions at once . As with ionic hair dryers , these negative ions soften and smooth hair , reducing frizz and static . Tourmaline hair dryers are popular for increasing temperature quickly and significantly reducing the time it takes to dry and style one’s hair. Ceramic hair dryers are popular because they dry hair quickly and causes less hair damage. Stylists favor ceramic hair dryers for this reason. Ceramic hair dryers contain self – regulating heaters and motors that are constructed of ceramic coils. These coils emit infrared heat. Ceramic dryers are also popularly known because of their ‘nano ‘ technology is reducing bacteria formation. Most famous categories which used in hair styling is a hair hood dryer. It has a hard plastic dome that have to fit over a person’s head with a view to dry their hair. Hot air is blown out through the tiny openings around the inside of the dome so the one’s hair is dried eventually. Hair hood dryers are usually used in hair salons.

Hair dryer mainly refers electric hair dryer also known as blow dryer . The hair dryer is basically working by speeding up the dehydration of water from hair’s surface. It emits hot air and increases the heat of the air surrounding each stand of hair. Hair dryer has two parts for operating. One is used for switch on/off and another for adjusting heat.

Hair dryer forces cool air through the heating element via the shape of the gadget with fan. Although why nearly all hairdryers are similar in shape, the air flows via the heated wire making it hot air.

The protection front grill uses to be able to adjust the hot air. it also prevents accidental fingers going inside the dryer because it could be very hot because of using.

Opening power button to the hair dryer allows the motor to start spinning the fan inside , and that produces the hot air in through small air holes on the side of the dryer. A safety screen which is made by net is installed to make sure other objects cannot get into the hair dryer . One of the very important patterns in recent models of dryers is the ground fault interrupter circuit plug that makes sure hair dryer is grounded properly.

It contains a circuit board inside
along with a surface mount capacitor that reserves and discharge the charge , and a resistor, which resists flow of
an electrical current.

Cleaning is very important for hair dryer maintenance. It is essential to regularly clean the filter of the hair
dryer. This is to maintain the correct airflow across the heating element. These dirty filters together
with dropping one’s hair dryer which is one of the main causes of
early failure of hair dryers. Not only cleaning hair dryer filter will invalidate its warranty but also protecting hair from being ruff and frizz. It’s really important try to avoid wrapping wire with the cord tightly around the dryer after using This may cause in the wire becoming early damaged and fail.