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Why is not there a fashion trend of the 21st century?

“Why yesterday you came dressed as Steve Jobs and today you look like Kanye West?” I had never plied this question until one morning my boss asked me. I had no clear explanation of this concept or any awareness that these two characters polarized in style were coexisting in my closet peacefully.

Possibly this is the first decade, the one begun in 2010, which we will not be able to refer to in the future as “the style of the years 2010” in the same way as we do with the decades of the last century. Millennials, created alongside new technologies, we have not found limits to receive external impacts that inevitably affect us and shape our way of living, thinking and, of course, our style as a means of verbal communication.

If we take this into account, in just 10 years we have experienced a technological development similar to that experienced throughout the twentieth century, and which integrates the Internet (with its www, its social networks and new forms of communication) access to a level of information never before experienced. Thus, the aesthetic referents were diversified without control.

Yes, but where is the connection between Jobs and West? Let’s settle down in 2004. The first one started the development of the touch screen that would result in the first iPhone four years later. The second, he released his first album and began a meteoric career to stardom. Both characters, each in their own domain and even though they were totally disparate, became leaders of opinion.

As I rummaged through my mind to find an explanation and a coherent answer to “the boss’s question,” I could not ignore those considered as influential people in fashion issues at the turn of the century: singers. From the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s, there was a boom in music groups: Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, N * Sync, Sclub7, Girls Aloud, Destiny’s Child etc. These bands redefined the aesthetic concept of musical ensembles that we knew so far.

In this inescapable search for ordering my mind, I stumbled upon the latest trend predicted by K-Hole, the same cool hunting agency that named Normcore. The so-called Chaos Magic is the concept advocated by many designers; among the most acclaimed, Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci. It seems then that we will not find order, but light.

After an era in which normality was the norm, the Chaos Magic defends the individual personality layer and sword as a sign of unequivocal identity. Those attached to this trend, paradoxically, flee from the trend and mix current garments (which find their reflection in pieces with metalized fabrics) with others with aesthetics of bygone ages and that seem to be taken from the trunk of the memories of their ancestors. A chaotic combination of a mind that, from all the information it receives daily, selects what it likes most from each message and unifies it in its person.

The five cities of Fashion par excellence

The five cities of Fashion par excellence

If you are a “shopping addict” like me, in every trip you make you will leave a gap to discover the most characteristic shops of each place.

No matter how we are in India, where the richness of their fabrics and their colors are spectacular, with their necklaces of precious stones made by artisans. Each place hides a special secret in which to invest.

But if it is fashionable, there are cities that completely fall in love. They are the capitals of design, of trends, of big names in fashion.

Do you want to go for them? In order, according to research published by the Global Language Monitor, the most fashionable cities of the moment are:

New York

The Big Apple eats Paris with only 5% difference as the Capital par excellence of fashion. Not to be outdone: Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Vera Wang or Calvin Klein are just some of the myths that elevate fashion heaven to the millions of visitors strolling down 5th avenue in Manhattan.


The capital of Haute Couture is less than two hours from Madrid in flight. The Galeries Lafayette is one of the mythical stores of the city, and walking along the Rue de Rivoli or the Avenue Montaigne is mandatory to find the trends of the season. Undoubtedly, the French will always be the first in elegance that we cannot deny.


If we talk about trends, the English capital is the greatest creator, especially as far as street style is concerned. A must visit Camden, Portobello and others of the many flea markets that flood the city. In it live the new with the classic in perfect harmony.

The Angels

Its privileged position is due to the continuous red carpets that take place in the Mecca of the cinema. It has a mixture of glamor and cult to the body next to eternal beaches and perpetual sun. Is not it worth a visit?


Finally, it is Spain. The residence in Zaragoza makes me have the privilege of visiting in a short time both the capital of Spain and the “other” capital: Barcelona.

It is not surprising that he is in this position of fashion cities, since it brings together major trade fairs such as 80s Barcelona Fashion and areas such as El Born with new design promises worth knowing. The Passeig de GrĂ cia is the paradise of luxury, and the big chains fight to have a place in it. We have it close, so a visit from time to time will catch up on trends.

They continue in the list in this order: Rome, Berlin, Antwerp, Sydney, Shanghai, Tokyo, Milan, and a few more.

Without a doubt, each and every one of them has a shopping route or some mythical department stores, but the most fun is to get lost in its streets and discover small shops with charm.

The fashion sunglasses of the season 2016

With spring, the good weather returns and the first rays of the sun appear. The days stretch and return the desire to brand new sunglasses. This 2016 style glasses or aviator with the double bridge will return to stepping.

But before choosing the sunglasses that you like best for this season, you must remember that the lenses of your choice should be of quality. Many often fall into the temptation to buy some pretty imitation glasses without taking into account the risk they are subjecting to their eyes. These imitation sunglasses usually do not have the optical properties and the protective characteristics of the ultraviolet radiation of the quality lenses.

These are the fashionable sunglasses for the season:

This season, retro-inspired glasses with rounded shapes or Cat-Eye frames, which carry us straight back to the 70s, come back. Large (or very large) pasta, in dark shades or pastel, these glasses will give a touch of Sophistication to more informal styling.

Carey goggles will also be very present next season. The ‘turtle shell’ fragrances will once again be in the collections of different brands and designers. These types of lenses are worn throughout the year, but it is in the summer months when more are seen. Obviously, the sunglasses that you will find in the stores are not authentic hawksbill since these types of turtles are in danger of extinction.

The retro style is also present in sunglasses with rounded mounts and mirrored glasses that wink the disco of the 70’s.

Sunglasses with double metal bridge gained strength in this season. These types of lenses have become one of the best-selling models of recent years, planting face even the Wayfarer or the aviator glasses themselves. Its protagonism is divided between the mount and the bridge, in addition to the colors of lenses striking, degraded or in the mirror. The double bridge sunglasses have become one of the favorite models of men, but especially of women.

This season also reinvent the classic sunglasses like the aviator style. Lenses of this style never go out of style. They go well with almost all kinds of faces, especially with the thin and triangular, because they stylize the face thanks to its shape and its fine frame.

As for the colors, soft pastel lenses will be very present this season. The aggressive colors of the mounts that have been so successful in recent summers, give way to blacks, browns, and more elegant tones.

Despite the fashions, it is best to choose the quality sunglasses that best feel to your face:

Sunglasses for round face

If you have a round face you have to try to narrow it and lengthen it with your sunglasses. To do this, you must bet on sunglasses with straight shapes that will thin your face. Geometric shapes can also sit you well, as you will accentuate your features. Butterfly-shaped sunglasses can be your best allies.

Sunglasses for oval face

Oval faces make your choice of sunglasses easier. These types of faces fit most frames of sunglasses. What you should avoid if you have an oval face are models of sunglasses that are too big, so the maxima as may be the sunglasses that you feel the worst wearing.

Sunglasses for rectangular face

If you are looking for sunglasses and you have a rectangular face, what you have to look for is to soften your facial features. To achieve this, those known as aviator sunglasses will be the best that will sit you. Its fine structures and the shape of its crystals will serve to lighten your face.

Sunglasses for triangular face

Oval mounts are the best fit for people who have a face in the shape of a triangle. As for the most appropriate sunglasses for this type of faces, you can bet on strong colors and consistent mounts.