How Does A Hair Dryer Work?


When we meet with a person, what do we look at first? Most probably, it’s his or her face & hair. So hair is an important part of our body, and we spend a good time for the hairstyle. After taking a shower, we need to dry our hair and do a style that suits our personality. We don’t have much time, and it takes too long to let hair dry naturally. Thus we need a hair dryer for drying our hair in a short period.

How does a hair dryer look?

The funny thing is if we look at a hair dryer, it sounds like a gun but it doesn’t have a trigger, and the hair dryer has a screen at the end of the tube which is covered by a grill so bugs or other objects can’t get inside. There is an off & on switch. There is another button or switch in some hair dryers that control the airflow. You will find some hair dryer with a regulator that helps to monitor the temperature of airflow. Inside of a hair dryer, there is a fan that is like water wheel.

How does it work?

Now the question is how does a hair dryer work? It’s one kind of an electric device, which blows regular or warm air over wet hair and the hair gets dried. A small size of motor sites in the interior the fan and it is confidently attached to the top of the engine. When the power is supplied to the motor, the motor and fan start to spin. The movement of the fan’s blades draws air through the small round air inlets inside cover of hair dryer. Those small holes are roofed by safety screen which keeps other things to get sucked inside. Now the natural air is heated. For hot air, a coiled wire is used that is wrapped around insulating board for heating the air. The coil is made with nichrome wire. Nichrome wire is an alloy of two metals those are nickel and chromium. Nichrome is used because it has two advantages: it’s a poor conductor of electricity like copper wire and when it is heated it never oxidize. Airflow of the fan is forced through the heating part by the form of hair dryer cover. Then the hot air is blown down the tube of the hair dryer. When you press the high or low, the motor generates heat according to that. The varying airflow depends on the modulation speed at which the motor spins. It is performed by alerting the current supply through which the circuit supports the motor. The motor and fan will turn slowly if the power source is small. With more power the motor will speed up and fan will turn fast, more air will be drawn in which will increase the airflow. The technological advancement has made the hairdryers develop more useful feature than your older ones. The latest hair dryers are lightweight, and travel-friendly comes with multi attachments for many different styles, less damaging to your hair and safer too. Some hair dryers will auto shut off if it has become too hot.

According to my opinion, Babyliss is the best brand for a hair dryer. For more info, you can read – which Babyliss hair dryer is the best?


Hair dryer is one of the most popular as well as useful style appliance for modern women.
Though hair dryers have not been invented many years, thousands of people are using it daily purpose. Many people are accustomed to the daily routine of washing, drying and styling their hair. Even though hair will hereafter dry off its own if opened up but most people go for a hair dryer save their time and speed up the process. It really hard the use of a towel after you have taken that all important shower and get your hair dry when you are in a hurry to get to work or school in the morning.

The most famous categories of hair dryers in use today are ionic, tourmaline, and ceramic . Ionic hair dryer neutralizes positive charges in hair because they generate negative ions . This process reduces frizz and static electricity that is why these dryers are so popular. Tourmaline hair dryers are made from tourmaline which is a precious stone. The stone actually generates a lot of negative ions at once . As with ionic hair dryers , these negative ions soften and smooth hair , reducing frizz and static . Tourmaline hair dryers are popular for increasing temperature quickly and significantly reducing the time it takes to dry and style one’s hair. Ceramic hair dryers are popular because they dry hair quickly and causes less hair damage. Stylists favor ceramic hair dryers for this reason. Ceramic hair dryers contain self – regulating heaters and motors that are constructed of ceramic coils. These coils emit infrared heat. Ceramic dryers are also popularly known because of their ‘nano ‘ technology is reducing bacteria formation. Most famous categories which used in hair styling is a hair hood dryer. It has a hard plastic dome that have to fit over a person’s head with a view to dry their hair. Hot air is blown out through the tiny openings around the inside of the dome so the one’s hair is dried eventually. Hair hood dryers are usually used in hair salons.

Hair dryer mainly refers electric hair dryer also known as blow dryer . The hair dryer is basically working by speeding up the dehydration of water from hair’s surface. It emits hot air and increases the heat of the air surrounding each stand of hair. Hair dryer has two parts for operating. One is used for switch on/off and another for adjusting heat.

Hair dryer forces cool air through the heating element via the shape of the gadget with fan. Although why nearly all hairdryers are similar in shape, the air flows via the heated wire making it hot air.

The protection front grill uses to be able to adjust the hot air. it also prevents accidental fingers going inside the dryer because it could be very hot because of using.

Opening power button to the hair dryer allows the motor to start spinning the fan inside , and that produces the hot air in through small air holes on the side of the dryer. A safety screen which is made by net is installed to make sure other objects cannot get into the hair dryer . One of the very important patterns in recent models of dryers is the ground fault interrupter circuit plug that makes sure hair dryer is grounded properly.

It contains a circuit board inside
along with a surface mount capacitor that reserves and discharge the charge , and a resistor, which resists flow of
an electrical current.

Cleaning is very important for hair dryer maintenance. It is essential to regularly clean the filter of the hair
dryer. This is to maintain the correct airflow across the heating element. These dirty filters together
with dropping one’s hair dryer which is one of the main causes of
early failure of hair dryers. Not only cleaning hair dryer filter will invalidate its warranty but also protecting hair from being ruff and frizz. It’s really important try to avoid wrapping wire with the cord tightly around the dryer after using This may cause in the wire becoming early damaged and fail.

Ways to choose an excellent hair curler

Before choosing an excellent hair curler it is necessary to think about a variety of features such as electronic camera devices, power, temperature controller and temperature choices. These features are necessary when you are fussy about your hairdo.

A couple of years ago straight hair was the style trend that everyone was going for and as a result hair straightener ended up being a must-have in your home. Today curly hair is more “fashionable” especially in the summer season which brings more volume and a more casual look and modern appearance.

Nevertheless, for those who have straight hair, it is harder to accomplish lasting waves without using the required tools or going to the hair stylist. That is why hair curlers assist us to achieve desired results quickly, effectively and in the convenience of home.

There are many Curlers in the market, for that reason, to choose well, you need to look for a variety of essential attributes that separate them.

Never forget that the health of our hair need to look great in the substance of the camera, the best option is to buy ceramic curler, as it will better secure hair from extreme heat, will supply shine and assist us to make sure that our hair will not be dehydrated, frizzed or tangled. Additionally, the combination of thermal protectors helps our hair not to be damaged after use of these heating tools.

Another important feature is to keep an eye out because you need to choose your hair curler considering the capability to manage the temperature level as per the density of your hair and get the outcome you desire from the curler. This way we will safeguard our hair and get defined curls. The thermal regulator allows the hair curler, not to be overheated, and therefore the temperature level is adequate at all times. The suggested temperature is in between 140C and 230C to avoid the issue.

Depending upon the type of hairdo you want to achieve, it is ideal to select various modalities. Some curling iron lets you select between various modes of 8, 10, 12 and 15 seconds to make a lighter wave or a more pronounced curl. It is likewise possible to pick different steering controls (best/ left/ automobile).

Comfort is among the fantastic advantages of the curler that are available now. Its cable television of 2.5 meters allows plug into a switch and move to where the mirror, the method we can go while shaping our hair while total freedom of motion is. To operate at complete capacity, generally curlers need 5 and 10 minutes of heating.

Butane cartridge curling iron is the best options for a traveler.

There are several brands of curler available in the market that has been optimized according to our needs.

Why is not there a fashion trend of the 21st century?

“Why yesterday you came dressed as Steve Jobs and today you look like Kanye West?” I had never plied this question until one morning my boss asked me. I had no clear explanation of this concept or any awareness that these two characters polarized in style were coexisting in my closet peacefully.

Possibly this is the first decade, the one begun in 2010, which we will not be able to refer to in the future as “the style of the years 2010” in the same way as we do with the decades of the last century. Millennials, created alongside new technologies, we have not found limits to receive external impacts that inevitably affect us and shape our way of living, thinking and, of course, our style as a means of verbal communication.

If we take this into account, in just 10 years we have experienced a technological development similar to that experienced throughout the twentieth century, and which integrates the Internet (with its www, its social networks and new forms of communication) access to a level of information never before experienced. Thus, the aesthetic referents were diversified without control.

Yes, but where is the connection between Jobs and West? Let’s settle down in 2004. The first one started the development of the touch screen that would result in the first iPhone four years later. The second, he released his first album and began a meteoric career to stardom. Both characters, each in their own domain and even though they were totally disparate, became leaders of opinion.

As I rummaged through my mind to find an explanation and a coherent answer to “the boss’s question,” I could not ignore those considered as influential people in fashion issues at the turn of the century: singers. From the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s, there was a boom in music groups: Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, N * Sync, Sclub7, Girls Aloud, Destiny’s Child etc. These bands redefined the aesthetic concept of musical ensembles that we knew so far.

In this inescapable search for ordering my mind, I stumbled upon the latest trend predicted by K-Hole, the same cool hunting agency that named Normcore. The so-called Chaos Magic is the concept advocated by many designers; among the most acclaimed, Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci. It seems then that we will not find order, but light.

After an era in which normality was the norm, the Chaos Magic defends the individual personality layer and sword as a sign of unequivocal identity. Those attached to this trend, paradoxically, flee from the trend and mix current garments (which find their reflection in pieces with metalized fabrics) with others with aesthetics of bygone ages and that seem to be taken from the trunk of the memories of their ancestors. A chaotic combination of a mind that, from all the information it receives daily, selects what it likes most from each message and unifies it in its person.



Style is the expression of individuality, which is reflected in the way you feel, think, dress, talk, and act.

With the new millennium, men’s fashion compiles trends from the last century, a retrospective turn with all freedom, returns to tailoring, inspired by V tailoring suits, but also installs the flap lap.

It begins to grow an alternative masculine fashion, where the attitude is the important thing. The “street style” seeks an identity and personality of its own, where individual trends and styles become more risky and fun.

The minimalism of the 90’s dies and the glamour of past ages returns with heterogeneous and eclectic details, that is, contrasting and combining with balance and originality, different styles and trends, textures, prices, qualities, accessories, and colors.

Although mass fashion is firmly in place to stay, due to the great expansion of the major fashion distribution chains (Zara, H & M, Cortefiel, etc.) and which inexorably derives from a certain homogeneity and uniformity of fashion, man becomes more demanding, worries about its image and looks for a unique style that goes beyond fashion.

In recent years, the hipster phenomenon has emerged, a twist of the nut to metro sexuality, with a look very easy to identify: alternative men, who grow their beards, short hair at the temples and long at the top, tattoos.

Very narrow trousers, the absence of socks (even in winter), glasses of pasta and t-shirts.

In short, a very marked look that has the days counted and will soon pass.

Men who use time and money in fashion, formerly seen as vain or effeminate, are now considered attractive and elegant men.

The fit and proportions of the suit are of vital importance of the 21st century.

Not everything is worth, and less for a matter of price: elegance has little to do with success or money.

The combination of British taste and Italian transgression can be a great starting point.

The accessories and small details are some of the essential accessories that cannot miss completing the look of a gentleman and always establish a distinctive style.

The waistcoat, pocket handkerchief, gloves in the chesterfield pocket, a simple knot in the tie, straps instead of a belt, monks, a good watch, a double-cuffed shirt and cufflinks, flashy foulards.

History of Fashion

History of Fashion

The years preceding revolutions are sometimes as interesting as those that change history. And although the greatest change of the first half of the twentieth century occurred in the 1920s, the previous decade laid the foundations that would enable fashion to enter into true modernity and women’s freedom, in all respects. Be the true protagonist.

The decade fashion began strongly influenced by the Russian Ballet and Orientalist aesthetics. Mata Hari and Isadora Duncan show more skin than they cover with a cloth and the women begin to shorten skirts until showing the ankles and they display necklines. But World War I changes everything and the silhouette that dominates the trend in 1918 is in the form of a tube, in which the body must be concealed, as much as possible, and in which the woman who had freed herself from the “classic corset” to undergo the “straightener corset” .

Madeleine Vionnet

It is very easy to label the pioneer and not all those who have been qualified as such have been. But that is not the case with Madeleine Vionnet. It was in many fields after creating his sewing house in 1912 after leaving Doucet, a mark he had come with the task of rejuvenating. She was the first to use the bias cut in a whole dress, which meant using more cloth but also to change completely the fall of the garment, and in trying to conceal and hide the seams of the garments, was the first to worry about the copy of his creations and made a registry with three photographs (front, back and profile) of all his creations to take them to the patent office, he created his models in a figurine of 80 cm in height so that his clients could see what the finish of the garment would be like.

She was the first designer to use mathematical and architectural concepts as the golden section, since for her most important was the proportion, and also opened the way to the synthetic fabrics by using a silk made by her fabric supplier exclusively for her.

Although his main contribution was to lay the foundations for the production of his clothes in a chain, without which today people would not understand fashion. His influence on subsequent generations of designers has been continuous and probably will never disappear.

Jean Patou

Like Vionnet, Patou opened his sewing house in 1912. He came from a family dedicated to leather and furs but his leap to fame would come from two fields yet to be exploded: that of casual clothing and the joining of the name a clothing brand for celebrities.

Something that she did mainly with Suzanne Lenglen, a French tennis player who was the first female star of that sport and who not only became famous for her victories also did so by appearing on the track of Wimbledon with a knitted dress that showed their Arms and legs (unlike the other players who were covered from head to toe).

His use of the point paved the way for Coco Chanel and was the first to design “designer” ties. He is considered the creator of the cardigan, he was influenced by his work by artistic movements such as Cubism, he developed new fabrics for bathing suits and created exclusive lines for the practice of sports. Even some attributed the creation of the aesthetics ” Flapper “that would be iconic in the 1920s.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is a recommendation to finish. A good way to see the evolution of fashion in this decade is to see “Downton Abbey” an English series that begins with the sinking of the Titanic that these days has been commemorated its centenary and that already has fascinated Vogue America and also to me, where you can see the evolution of trends in these years as well as enjoy a good time on television.

The five cities of Fashion par excellence

The five cities of Fashion par excellence

If you are a “shopping addict” like me, in every trip you make you will leave a gap to discover the most characteristic shops of each place.

No matter how we are in India, where the richness of their fabrics and their colors are spectacular, with their necklaces of precious stones made by artisans. Each place hides a special secret in which to invest.

But if it is fashionable, there are cities that completely fall in love. They are the capitals of design, of trends, of big names in fashion.

Do you want to go for them? In order, according to research published by the Global Language Monitor, the most fashionable cities of the moment are:

New York

The Big Apple eats Paris with only 5% difference as the Capital par excellence of fashion. Not to be outdone: Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Vera Wang or Calvin Klein are just some of the myths that elevate fashion heaven to the millions of visitors strolling down 5th avenue in Manhattan.


The capital of Haute Couture is less than two hours from Madrid in flight. The Galeries Lafayette is one of the mythical stores of the city, and walking along the Rue de Rivoli or the Avenue Montaigne is mandatory to find the trends of the season. Undoubtedly, the French will always be the first in elegance that we cannot deny.


If we talk about trends, the English capital is the greatest creator, especially as far as street style is concerned. A must visit Camden, Portobello and others of the many flea markets that flood the city. In it live the new with the classic in perfect harmony.

The Angels

Its privileged position is due to the continuous red carpets that take place in the Mecca of the cinema. It has a mixture of glamor and cult to the body next to eternal beaches and perpetual sun. Is not it worth a visit?


Finally, it is Spain. The residence in Zaragoza makes me have the privilege of visiting in a short time both the capital of Spain and the “other” capital: Barcelona.

It is not surprising that he is in this position of fashion cities, since it brings together major trade fairs such as 80s Barcelona Fashion and areas such as El Born with new design promises worth knowing. The Passeig de Gràcia is the paradise of luxury, and the big chains fight to have a place in it. We have it close, so a visit from time to time will catch up on trends.

They continue in the list in this order: Rome, Berlin, Antwerp, Sydney, Shanghai, Tokyo, Milan, and a few more.

Without a doubt, each and every one of them has a shopping route or some mythical department stores, but the most fun is to get lost in its streets and discover small shops with charm.

The fashion sunglasses of the season 2016

With spring, the good weather returns and the first rays of the sun appear. The days stretch and return the desire to brand new sunglasses. This 2016 style glasses or aviator with the double bridge will return to stepping.

But before choosing the sunglasses that you like best for this season, you must remember that the lenses of your choice should be of quality. Many often fall into the temptation to buy some pretty imitation glasses without taking into account the risk they are subjecting to their eyes. These imitation sunglasses usually do not have the optical properties and the protective characteristics of the ultraviolet radiation of the quality lenses.

These are the fashionable sunglasses for the season:

This season, retro-inspired glasses with rounded shapes or Cat-Eye frames, which carry us straight back to the 70s, come back. Large (or very large) pasta, in dark shades or pastel, these glasses will give a touch of Sophistication to more informal styling.

Carey goggles will also be very present next season. The ‘turtle shell’ fragrances will once again be in the collections of different brands and designers. These types of lenses are worn throughout the year, but it is in the summer months when more are seen. Obviously, the sunglasses that you will find in the stores are not authentic hawksbill since these types of turtles are in danger of extinction.

The retro style is also present in sunglasses with rounded mounts and mirrored glasses that wink the disco of the 70’s.

Sunglasses with double metal bridge gained strength in this season. These types of lenses have become one of the best-selling models of recent years, planting face even the Wayfarer or the aviator glasses themselves. Its protagonism is divided between the mount and the bridge, in addition to the colors of lenses striking, degraded or in the mirror. The double bridge sunglasses have become one of the favorite models of men, but especially of women.

This season also reinvent the classic sunglasses like the aviator style. Lenses of this style never go out of style. They go well with almost all kinds of faces, especially with the thin and triangular, because they stylize the face thanks to its shape and its fine frame.

As for the colors, soft pastel lenses will be very present this season. The aggressive colors of the mounts that have been so successful in recent summers, give way to blacks, browns, and more elegant tones.

Despite the fashions, it is best to choose the quality sunglasses that best feel to your face:

Sunglasses for round face

If you have a round face you have to try to narrow it and lengthen it with your sunglasses. To do this, you must bet on sunglasses with straight shapes that will thin your face. Geometric shapes can also sit you well, as you will accentuate your features. Butterfly-shaped sunglasses can be your best allies.

Sunglasses for oval face

Oval faces make your choice of sunglasses easier. These types of faces fit most frames of sunglasses. What you should avoid if you have an oval face are models of sunglasses that are too big, so the maxima as may be the sunglasses that you feel the worst wearing.

Sunglasses for rectangular face

If you are looking for sunglasses and you have a rectangular face, what you have to look for is to soften your facial features. To achieve this, those known as aviator sunglasses will be the best that will sit you. Its fine structures and the shape of its crystals will serve to lighten your face.

Sunglasses for triangular face

Oval mounts are the best fit for people who have a face in the shape of a triangle. As for the most appropriate sunglasses for this type of faces, you can bet on strong colors and consistent mounts.